Carve Out Time With God

Do you schedule your priorities or prioritize your schedule? A small change in word order can be a chasm of change in how we spend our time. Reflect on Katie's challenge to us to carve out time to be with the Creator of the universe and the One Who knows every detail about who we are.
Reflect on God's Word

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24

We have the opportunity to spend time with our Creator, who placed the stars in the sky and who knows the intimate details of our hearts.  God wants to be in relationship with us.  The whole of scripture is Him revealing Himself to man. The Living God, the Creator of all things, the King of Kings wants to spend time with me? I’d be crazy to miss this opportunity!

As long as I view spending time with God as an item on my to-do list, I will struggle to make time to spend with Him.  When we have the right view of who God is, finding time to spend with Him will be a no-brainer. Clear my schedule! Write it in with Sharpie Marker!

A few practical tips I’ve found helpful:

  • Put it on the calendar - While I don’t want to lose the majesty of spending time with God by making it an item on my calendar, I also know that sometimes if it isn’t on the calendar, I don’t remember to do it. Write it in your calendar, and protect that time. I think it is important to make time with the Lord a daily habit, and sometimes we need more time. Setting aside a day every once in a while to sit before the Lord and allow Him to search your heart will reap great benefits.
  • Find Space - I have a chair in my house, with a small side table where I keep some study materials and a pen and a perfect spot to set my cup of coffee.  This is where I spend a majority of my time meeting with the Lord. Setting aside a literal place where I have committed to go and meet with the Lord has helped me focus on Him as soon as I sink into that familiar, comfortable spot.  You don’t have to have a chair or perfectly crafted corner; I have a friend who sits on the floor of her closet each morning (away from kids and the distractions of the approaching day) to meet with Jesus.

Something beautiful happens when we spend time with Jesus... we become more like Him. And modeling this for our children will encourage them to want to spend time with their Creator. Give your children a chance to pick a time on the calendar to spend time with Jesus or help them create a space in their rooms where they can go and spend time with the Lord.

As they watch you make spending time with God a priority, and see how God changes and molds you, they will desire to know the Living God, the Creator of all things, the King of Kings!

Camper Corner

Did you know God wants to have a relationship with you? He created this whole world and everything in it, yet He says we can come to Him any time, to talk about anything! Take a few minutes today to talk with God!

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